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In 2017, Foodora riders, supported by the German Food, Beverages and Catering Union (Gewerkschaft Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten, NGG) elected a works council in Cologne. On June 1 2018, Foodora riders founded a second works council in Hamburg. Furthermore, the riders have fought Foodora’s parent company, Delivery Hero, for the right to instate a company-wide works council across all locations in Germany. A court in Berlin has ordered Delivery Hero to install employees on its advisory board, as German law mandates that companies employing 2,000 people and over must have equal numbers of shareholders and employees on their supervisory board. However, it appears that Delivery Hero may still avoid this rule by converting its legal business form to an SE (Societas Europaea) and merging with its Dutch branch. See further information here

In 2018, Foodora was taken over by the Dutch company Just Eat, which then merged it with its German branch Lieferando. In April 2020, the former representatives of the works council Foodora established a works council Lieferando in Cologne. The elections took place after the group had to overcome difficulties posed by Covid-19 restrictions to hold assemblies and by the management, which refused the publication of a register of voters

In Frankfurt, the works council at Lieferando has been operational since 2018. It was founded when the riders were still working for Foodora and was maintained following the fusion of the companies. 

Attempts to form a works council in Münster have been made since 2017 and have not been successful so far. Under Foodora as well as under Lieferando, the management argues that the formation of a council would require a physical location of assembly. Therefore, as of October 2021, no works council is operational in Münster. 

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representation, industrial relations, social dialogue
Individual worker, Employee organisation
Transportation and storage


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