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In March 2017, Foodora bike couriers elected a works council in Vienna, which aims to negotiate an agreement with the Foodora management concerning better working conditions, particularly during the winter period. Demands include a guarantee of the mileage allowance (10 to 15% of overall pay), insurance for bicycles and the smartphones in case of damage or theft. Furthermore, the works council will negotiate for more transparency in tracking of its couriers and its implementation of disciplinary measures.

The establishment of the works council was supported by the Vida trade union which provided general information on how to establish the new body as well as legal and technical advice.

Scale of the initiative The works council consist of five regular members (that is the number of works council representatives to be elected in companies with 101-200 employees) and five substitute members. At the time of the establishment of the works council, the company had around 110 employees and 80 to 90 freelance workers.

Strengths and weaknesses Once it was established, a key aim of the works council was the signing of a sectoral collective bargaining agreement. It took around 2.5 years until the goal was reached and collective agreement for bicycle couriers came into effect on 1 January 2020. In the absence of the works council, the development and implementation of the sectoral collective agreement would not have been possible due to a lack of organisation.

The works council also contributed to improving working conditions within the company: the wrongful handling of sick days was addressed, riders were provided with better gear and seasonal contracts were offered to riders which improved predictability of employment.

The key weakness of the works council is that it mainly benefits employed riders and not freelancers which account for the majority of workers. In 2021 around 70 employees and 1,500 freelancers worked for the platform.

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