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Stride Health is an online health insurance broker focusing on connecting individuals with health plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Stride Health, founded in 2013, is an online health insurance broker focusing on connecting individuals with health plans under the Affordable Care Act. It provides search service for consumers to find their optimal health plan by taking into account factors including demographic information, existing conditions, preferences, income and subsidies members can use to defray costs, to give people personalised options for their health coverage.

In 2016, Stride conducted an online survey to explore how the Affordable Care Act was impacting platform workers’ decisions on their health coverage. The key findings include that the majority of workers planned to get health coverage, whilst platform workers were uninsured at three times the rate of average Americans. They also found that platform workers were struggling with subsidy qualification and needed specific guidance on this issue, such as the help on claiming appropriate tax deductions to increase subsidy eligibility.

In 2018, Stride formed a new integration system with the Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) called enhanced direct enrolment, which would allow users to choose benefits and apply for and receive subsidies directly in the company’s platform

In August 2019, Stride launched the Stride Benefits Platform, a fully customisable suite of health and wealth benefits and perks that platforms can offer to their independent workers. The platform includes access to health, dental, vision, life, accident and disability insurance, prescription discounts, online doctor visits, checking and savings accounts, free mileage and expense tracking, tax assistance and filing, discounts and deals on local and national products and services, and employer-exclusive offers.

In October 2020, Stride announced a partnership with Mastercard to help companies offer workers access to affordable healthcare plans. In 2021, Mastercard cardholders will be able to use their cards to pay for these benefits on Stride's platform. This marks the first time that differentiated health, dental and vision benefits would be made available via a payments network. This partnership is an extension of Mastercard’s commitment to financial inclusion, and the first step in the company’s broader strategy to platform workers with a wide range of benefits choices – from insurance, to financial management, education and offers. It aims to address the need for accessible benefits options and the flexibility to move benefits across jobs, especially for platform workers.

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