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SharingEspaña (SHES) is an initiative that was born within the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (Adigital) which groups companies operating in the platform economy which aims to act ‘in defence of the development and reputation of the collaborative economy and the protection of its users’.

Scope of the initiative

Four main types of activities are developed by Sharing España:

  • Research activities which aim to provide evidence on the expansion, benefits and impact of the collaborative economy in Spain.
  • Awareness raising and dissemination activities which aim to extend the knowledge and use of platforms and promote the collaborative economy among companies and consumers.
  • Lobbying activities which aim to ensure a favourable environment for companies working in the collaborative economy.
  • Developing a code of conduct for companies in the collaborative economy.

With respect to the last activity, SHES has drafted and published a 'Code of Good Practice', a set of 13 principles and good practice examples that commit to comply with the more than 30 platforms that make up the association. The principles include guidelines on honesty, integrity and trust, safety issues, guidelines on the cooperation with public authorities, and addresses compliance issues. The objective of this code of conduct is to act 'in defence of the development and reputation of the platform economy and the protection of its users’. 

SHES also organises thematic breakfasts for the mobility, tourism, services, education and financing sectors, bringing together private and public sector representatives to discuss challenges in the context of the collaborative economy. Through its actions, the initiative aims at reinforcing the image of citizens as producers and micro-entrepreneurs and to promote its business models at local, regional and national levels.

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