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In 2019, the Spanish trade union (Unión General de Trabajadores,UGT) filed a complaint with the Madrid labour inspectorate against the Amazon Flex platform, considering that it commits fraud around the figure of the bogus self-employed, since the workers use their own cars.

In October 2020, the labour inspectorate has officially registered 4,066 Amazon Flex delivery workers who worked as self-employed workers in the general Social Security regime. The ruling requires Amazon to pay over €6 million in unpaid social security contributions.

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1 February 2024

The Labour Court No. 42 of Madrid has ruled on January 22nd, 2024, that Amazon must employ 3,688 delivery drivers in Spain.

The Amazon Flex delivery drivers had to use their own vehicles for deliveries, while their work was algorithmically managed through an Amazon app. In the case brought forward by the UGT union, the court emphasises when working conditions are controlled by an algorithm, there is an employment relationship. Moreover, the rights of the delivery drivers are at threat due to the involvement of algorithmic management, and the court is calling for algorithm transparency and the establishment of protection of the workers. In the ruling, the court restores the labour rights of the delivery drivers and confirms the positions of the UGT union.

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