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Mladi Plus is a Slovenian trade union established in 2011 which is committed to the rights of students, high school students, unemployed youth as well as self-employed authors and entrepreneurs. The aim of Mladi Plus is to connect young people, educate them about their rights when they begin to work, offer them support in finding a job and help them solve the problems they face. The organisation does so by providing counselling services (legal aid and career counselling), providing help with financial problems during studies and spells of (un)employment, and offering courses and workshops on a range of topics such as decent work, equal rights, workers’ rights and the future of work. The workshops are open for the broader public. 

By cooperating with other Slovenian trade unions including the taxi drivers’ union, Mladi Plus was able to temporarily prevent Uber from entering the Slovenian market, arguing that the law should not be changed in favour of one company. Food delivery platforms such as Wolt, which recently entered the market, are recruiting young workers and rely special student work agreements and self-employment contracts. Mladi Plus' action against these platforms focuses on the recognition of couriers’ status as employed workers and on the adherence to Slovenian labour law.

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27 April 2023

On April 19 2023, Mladi Plus presented the newly established Union of Delivery Workers. The main goal of the union is to improve the working conditions of delivery drivers and provide a representative voice in negotiations with management.

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