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Frizbiz is a platform for on-location medium skilled tasks, which matches workers with clients to fulfil tasks related to household repairs. It defines jobbing as ‘a concept stemming from the collaborative economy, which promotes the sale of services and help between individuals’. Frizbiz offers a service that brings together individuals who need help to carry out work in their homes and individuals or professionals – ‘jobbers’ - who are looking for work to ‘round out their income, finance their projects or hobbies’. The platform thus offers an opportunity for individuals or professionals to quickly find a ‘job’ close to where they live, in a field of expertise that they choose and that relates to housing. The platform increases the visibility of the individuals or professionals looking for additional income and matches them with those who require help with different tasks.

To develop, the platform it has concluded partnerships with the large DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin. This partnership, which lasted for five years, from 2015 to 2020, gave jobbers privileged access to workshops organised by the DIY store for its customers. Jobbers could participate and learn DIY techniques. This scheme is therefore not comparable to vocational training, but it allows jobbers to improve their skills.

Scale of the initiative

Frizbiz states that ‘200,000 verified private and professional jobbers are registered, of which 50,000 are active’. According to Augustin Verlinde, Frizbiz CEO, the average amount of services rendered is between 150 and 200 euros.

According to the French Building Federation (Fédération Française du Bâtiment - FFB), nearly 150 sites offering matching services for DYI tasks were listed in France in May 2017. A market that already captures 11% of the work and up to 21% of the breakdowns. Although it is difficult to quantify the exact number of ‘jobbers’, the eight main platforms (AlloVoisins, Smiile, Frizbiz, Needhelp, Stootie, YoupiJob, Mon SuperVoisin and SuperMano) have 3.5 million accounts.

Strengths and weaknesses

The number of active users indicates that the initiative provides an attractive solution to matching supply and demand for services. The platform provides access to the labour market to people who possess the skills to perform certain tasks but who do not necessarily have formal training in a specific area.

The platform also offers a reassuring context for the customer. The system of ‘trust badges’ awarded to the jobber and the final rating given by the platform, accompanied by the posting of customer comments, seek to ensure the quality of services. These elements, together with a reminder of the social and fiscal legal obligations incumbent on users provide a framework for ‘small jobs’ which can be reassuring and attractive for users, both jobbers and clients.

The lack of formal training courses or support to get access to vocational training which can lead to recognised diplomas is one of the weaknesses of the platform. Even if, during the partnership with Leroy Merlin, the jobbers could access workshops to acquire DIY skills, this scheme is not comparable to a professional training scheme that delivers accredited courses.

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