22 January 2021



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FairCrowdWork is an online rating system for web and app-based platforms. It is a joint project of IG Metall (German metalworker’s union), the Austrian Chamber of Labour, the Austrian Trade Union Confederation and the Swedish white-collar union Unionen. FairCrowdWork shows profiles of various work-related platforms for which it has aggregated information from several sources, including:

  • Internet-based background information;
  • Worker surveys;
  • An assessment of the platform’s terms of use.

The profiles give rating insights into pay, communication, evaluation systems, tasks and technology on various platforms. The data also include figures on hourly wages and the frequency of non-payment experiences.

The initiative seeks to provide a platform for people working through online platforms to share information on their working conditions. The information that is made public includes details on the respective platform, such as platform history, business model, worker classification, information on the work process or types of jobs. Besides, a section on ‘terms of service check’ is also included.

The initiative also seeks to popularise access to collective representation amongst platform workers and to better position trade unions towards representing the interests of workers on platforms.

In 2016 organisations participating in the initiative have signed the ‘The Frankfurt Declaration on Platform-Based Work’ which is a programmatic document calling for democracy in digital workplaces as well as clarity on the employment status of platform workers, transparency and social protection.

Strengths and weaknesses

The initiative has contributed to a better understanding of the platform work phenomenon by mapping working conditions for people working through platforms. It has also facilitated the development of a cross-national network of actors that exchange information on working conditions on platforms operating in different jurisdictions.

FairCrowdWork has also paved the way for subsequent initiatives, such as the Ombud’s office, which is an initiative set by IG-Metall, a German platform business association (the German Crowdsourcing Association) and eight European platform companies. The key role of the Ombuds office is to resolve disputes between people working through platforms, clients on platforms and the platforms themselves.

Despite these successes, the initiative did not translate into broader institutional changes that address the working conditions of platform workers. The initiative also relies on voluntary contributions from platform workers which limits its capacity to organise people who provide work through platforms.

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working conditions, employment status, collective bargaining
Employee organisation
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