15 February 2023



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In September 2022, Deliveroo was found guilty of having concealed 2000 jobs between 2015-2016. The ruling penalised Deliveroo with a €9.7 million fine, payable to Urssaf national Authority for social protection) for lost social security contributions. A similar procedure is currently underway, assessing the period of 2018-2021. If found guilty of ‘hiding’ an anticipated 60000 jobs, Deliveroo is considered to be liable for approximately €100 million in fines to the Court and Urssaf.

The ’hiding’ of jobs refers to the bogus self-employment status of Deliveroo riders. The company states the riders are freelancers, and so the company is not responsible for the employment costs associated with a standard employment relationship. However, the Court in France has previously ruled that such workers do fulfil the classification of an employment relationship and are not responsible for the administrative and social security costs a self-employed or freelance individual would be liable for. A ruling which has also been cited as an imperative to the publishing of the EU directive on in 2021, establishing a presumption of employment for self-employed workers linked to digital platforms.

Deliveroo does not believe the ‘riders’ should be classified as having a standard employment relationship with the company and has requested an ad hoc mandate (mandat ad hoc). A procedure exercised in the anticipation of bankruptcy.

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