19 September 2023



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On September 19th, 2023, a collective agreement has been signed for the VTC (chauffeur-driven transport car) platform sector laying out rules on transparency, and determining the terms under which platforms may terminate their business relationships with platform workers in the form of account deactivation.

This agreement entails rules on how VTC drivers are to be transparently informed about:

  1. the conditions for providing rides,
  2. how the charge for rides is calculated,
  3. how the driver's personal information is used,
  4. the social rights of drivers,
  5. their access to professional training, 
  6. the account deactivation process, and the options to contest the deactivation.

Moreover, if a platform deactivates a workers account, the worker needs to be informed prior to the determination, and the reasons for the account deactivation, such as any incidents attributable to the individual platform worker, must be explained in a detailed manner to provide time and space for the platform worker to respond before the deactivation takes place. The worker needs to have at least 48 hours to respond. The level of detail which needs to be upheld includes information on the specific date and time at which an incident attributable to the platform worker has occurred.

It is also specified that an account can only be deactivated if a driver has not complied with obligations repeatedly, due to repeated breaches, customer fraud, account sharing, or due to invalid documents. Platforms are also obliged to notify platform workers of any breach on their behalf when it occurs. The necessity of human intervention in each deactivation procedure is also reiterated, as the agreement prohibits algorithms from deactivating an account without human intervention.

This new collective agreement also includes rules applying to unjustified account deactivation. Accounts are not to be deactivated if there is no breach of valid legal, contractual or regulatory obligations. If a platform workers account has been deactivated unjustly, platforms are obliged to pay the driver for each day that the account has been deactivated. The amount of pay is to be calculated based on the average daily income of the individual driver of the last 12 weeks of activity.

The background of this collective agreement which results out of social dialogue is the aim to improve the working conditions of platform workers engaged in transportation. It has been organised by the Employment Platforms Social Relations Authority of the French government.

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