14 February 2022



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The first collective agreement for platform workers was signed in Spain between the trade union confederations CCOO and UGT, and the delivery platform Just Eat. It came into effect in January 2022. This follows the establishment of the Spanish Riders’ Law, which lays out that riders are to be considered employees due to their dependence on the platform’s algorithm. The law came into force in August 2021.

The agreement guarantees 30 days annual leave, a maximum working day of nine hours and ensures that health and safety protection for delivery workers is provided by the company. The workers are furthermore entitled to two uninterrupted days of rest a week including one Sunday per quarter, in addition to a minimum of 30 days of holiday per year. The annual wage is set in the agreement at €15 232, or €1 270 per month. The latter relates to studies by the International Labour Organization showing that the primary concern among platform workers is income insecurity while income from the job tends to be below the minimum wage in many countries.

Delivery workers will also have the right to disconnect and be protected from digital surveillance. In this sense, the platform is obliged to respect the right to data protection and to inform workers’ representatives about the algorithm it uses to manage work. A joint committee must be created (the ‘algorithm committee’), which will ensure that the platform complies with the duties of transparency and human judgement in algorithmic decision-making.

The mobile phone and all other equipment (vehicle and food box) used by a worker to perform tasks must be provided by the platform. In case a vehicle belongs to the worker, the platform must pay compensation for maintenance. The costs of the tools used in performing tasks are to be assumed by the platform, not the worker as is the case in most countries.

The agreement further defines the open-ended contract as the standard contract, with a fixed employment quota of 80 percent meaning that temporary workers cannot exceed 20 percent among a platform’s employees. Part-time contracting is still possible but with a minimum of 12 hours on weekends and a minimum of 16 hours for the full week. This rules out mini part-time contracts of short duration.

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