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Asoriders is a non-profit association, formed by platform workers in Spain, and has the goal to support other platform workers in issues related to economic, contractual and legal challenges.

Scope of the initiative

ASORIDERS has three key objectives: to become the voice of riders willing to remain independent workers, to provide information and benefits or services to its members and to spread good practices in platform delivery activities.

In relation to the first goal, ASORIDERS participates in meetings with other rider associations and carries out lobbying activities. The association maintains contact with political parties, trade unions and government in relation to the regulation of platform work. Moreover, ASORIDERS provides information to its members in relevant issues related to their work as couriers. Examples of these include health and safety or fiscal issues.

In relation to the second goal, the purpose of ASORIDERS is to provide benefits and services to its members in matters related to economic, contractual and legal advantages. Preferential access to goods or services is available to members. These include preferential rates or access to selected services from vehicle dealers, auto parts suppliers, suppliers of work clothes and uniforms, suppliers of safety accessories, suppliers of health and insurance or public authorities.

Moreover, ASORIDERS has obtained additional advantages from the main food delivery companies. One such example is greater coverage in accident insurance provided to Deliveroo drivers through the Professional Interest Agreement signed between Deliveroo and ASORIDERS. In case of an accident, the self-employed person may receive a daily payment of 75% of his or her gross income with a daily limit of EUR 50 for 60 days, instead of a maximum of EUR 30 which is usually paid to riders. ASORIDERS members working for Deliveroo will also receive discount codes for the purchase of parts, according to the number of tasks performed for the platform. Riders also have preferential access to booking time slots for tasks after a period of inactivity, including the peak times around 3:00 p.m. Freelancers who work for Deliveroo and are members of ASORIDERS have preferential access to training courses given by third parties. In case of contract termination without just cause, the self-employed are entitled to receive compensation equal to 25 days of remuneration per year of service, based on their average income received in the 12 months prior to the termination of the contract.

ASORIDERS has also signed the Acuerdo Sectorial de Buenas Prácticas (Sectoral Agreement on Good Practices). This agreement was signed between some of the most important delivery platforms (Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Stuart) and riders’ associations which are ASORIDERS, the Professional Association of Autonomous Riders (PRA) and the Autonomous Riders Association (AAR). With this agreement, platforms commit themselves to continue observing health and safety measures necessary to avoid coronavirus infections in the delivery sector and more specifically:

  • To provide appropriate resources for the protection of delivery drivers if this is recommended by the relevant authorities.
  • To promote communication and coordination between restaurants, businesses, platforms and distributors in order to ensure compliance with the Guide, avoid crowds in restaurants and maintain safety social distancing at all times.
  • To review the Guide for a safe distribution for everyone based on the evolution of the health situation and always in accordance with the recommendations of health authorities.
  • To inform platform users about security measures.

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