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On the 18th of January 2023, an agreement has been reached detailing that a minimum €7,65 are to be paid per trip per driver in the French chauffeur-driven transport car (VTC) platform economy.

This agreement results out of the goal to improve the social rights of platform workers. While the minimum amount of €7,65 is subject to change as it will be revisited, the primary argument resulting out of the discussion of the social partners is that no ride, no matter the duration thereof, can be paid less that this minimum amount.

The background of this collective agreement is the aim to improve the working conditions of platform workers engaged in deliveries. It has been organised by the Employment Platforms Social Relations Authority of the French government. Participants in this social dialogue and signatories of the agreement are the Association of VTC Drivers (AVF), the National Federation of Auto-Entrepreneurs (FNAE), the French Confederation of Christian Workers (CFTC), the National Union of Autonomous Unions (UNSA), the Association of Independent Platforms (API) and the French Federation of Passenger Transport by Reservation (FFTPR).

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6 March 2024

On September 19th 2023, a new agreement was signed as the topic of minimum income for VTC platform workers was revisited, increasing the minimum income per ride to €9 instead of the initial €7,65.

On behalf of employee organisations, the AVF, FNAE, CFTC and UNSA signed the agreement, together with API and FFTPR on behalf of VTC platforms. The agreement comes into force on 01 February 2024.

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