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A multi-party agreement between organisations representing self-employed workers (AVF, FNAE, CFTC, UNSA) and organisations representing platforms, such as Uber or Caocao (API, FFTPR) was signed on 18 January 2023 in France. The agreement establishes a minimum pay per ride of €7.65 net, regardless of duration or distance travelled and applies to all platforms and journeys.

The agreement on minimum pay per ride represents the first agreement in the sector, covering platform workers. According to its preamble, its aim is to contribute to "an environment that encourages the development of a new model of employment that is both secure and attentive to drivers’ concerns". It also outlines an annual review to take into account the economic situation.

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27 April 2023

On 20 April 2023, the Government announced a second agreements that establishes a level of pay of €11.75 'for each hour of activity by the delivery person'. The level of pay is slightly above the French minimum wage which is €11.27 in April 2023. The announcement also includes an agreement on app de-activations which specifies the procedure to be followed in the event of worker's breach of his contractual obligations. The procedure includes an obligation to inform the delivery person, the establishment of procedures prior to de-activation of accounts, the application of the principle according to which both parties must be heard prior to a decision as well as procedures for appealing against a decision. The agreement reaffirms the obligation of human intervention in each deactivation procedure.

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