Internal restructuring
Location of affected unit(s)
Førde, Steinkjer, Stavanger, Lillehammer, Oslo
Information / Communication
Information Communication Services
61 - Telecommunications

180 - 200 jobs
Number of planned job losses
Job loss
Announcement Date
24 October 2016
Employment effect (start)
30 November 2016
Foreseen end date
31 March 2017


The telecom company Telenor is restructuring its organisation in Norway, planning cuts that will affect at least 180 employees. The company has stated that it needs to adjust its organisation in order to 'meet the challenges of the digital shift' with rapidly changing markets and customer behaviour. The restructuring will affect 5 of the 24 offices in Norway:

  • The Steinkjer office will be closed. The 21 employees will be offered severance packages.
  • The office in Sogn og Fjordane will be closed. The 17 employees will be offered positions in Rørvik - in a different part of the country - or severance packages.
  • The business customer service centre in Stavanger will be closed. The 84 employees will be offered jobs elsewhere in the country, or severance packages.
  • The Lillehammer office will be closed. The 46 employees will be transferred to the office in nearby Fåberg.
  • Around 60 employees at the business division, most in Oslo, will be offered severance packages.

Severance packages will be based on seniority. The company aims to complete the restructuring by March 2017. Telenor is a publicly traded company, of which the Norwegian state owns 54%.

Telenor states that the changes are needed to respond to the growing digitisation of society and the economy. Union representatives from the Electrician and IT workers union (EL & IT Forbundet) and Negotia have defined the restructuring as cynical given that the company has shown solid financial results, and accuse the management of purposefully cutting senior and long-time employees with established rights and benefits in order to replace them with consultants and workers hired through temporary agencies, in other locations. Telenor has denied the use of this strategy, stating that the restructuring is necessary to adapt to changing customer behaviour and that the use of temporary agencies/external consultants is a temporary solution during the restructuring period. The company has experienced a sharp downturn in customers using landline phones. It has invested heavily in fiber optics and mobile infrastructure. Telenor has previously undertaken efforts to cut costs in Norway, including a restructuring in 2014.


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