Reshoring from
Reshored business function
Location of affected unit(s)
Wholesale Trade, Except Of Motor Vehicles And Motorcycles
Wholesale On A Fee Or Contract Basis
46.1 - Wholesale On A Fee Or Contract Basis

50 jobs
Number of planned job creations
Job creation
Announcement Date
8 February 2021
Employment effect (start)
8 February 2021
Foreseen end date
1 April 2023


SCAVI Europe, a textile company created in 1988 specializing in lingerie and t-shirts manufactured in France, relocated in 2021 its production from Asia (sourcing from four suppliers located in Vietnam and one in Laos) to Saran, France. Operating from a single site in Saran with approximately 85 employees, the company experienced increasing demand from major brands, necessitating the recruitment of new personnel. Given the decreasing sewing profession in France, the company launched a recruitment and training project in 2021, to recruit and train 50 people, successfully hiring 46 with plans to add 24 more by April 2023. The strategic decision to reshore is driven by the desire to regain lost expertise. Pierre Fournier, the director of SCAVI Europe, emphasizes that French customers are asking for "made in France" products, aligning with their social and environmental responsibility. The shift toward e-commerce trends has also led brands to encourage Scavi to expedite deliveries.



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